Grant Calendar


September 15

Grant Season is OPEN
Request a Grant Application here

October 3

Webinar: Sponsor Training Webinar

Sign up for online  Sponsor Training Webinar

October 28

DEADLINE to Request a Grant Application

November 1

Sign up to Serve on a Grant Committee

November 7

Grant Committee Chair Training
6:00 – 8:00PM at Sam’s house


January 13

Grant Application submission deadline 6:00PM

January 20

DEADLINE to Join a Grant Committee: sign-up

January 21

Grant Committee Member Training: 9am – noon

January 23

Grant Committee Member Training: 6pm – 9pm

February – April

Grant Committees hold meetings, make site visits, create reports

May 1 – 15

Partners vote online

June 1

MAKING THE IMPACT – Grant Awards Event

June 15

Grant Committee Chair Debrief