Grant Categories

We have eight Categories for potential Grant Awards:

Arts & Culture

Artistic expressions of culture — past, realized, and hoped for — add exponentially to the education of ourselves, of others, and of our future generations. We give grants that foster the creation and sharing of new art as well as the preservation of traditional art forms. Our goal is to enrich our world by broadening the access to art and culture, and to encourage the involvement of new and diverse audiences.


We focus on specific training programs or schools which enrich and empower individuals along with their community, and provide for improved quality of life and greater capacity toward ongoing life-learning.


We value the health of the environment, and support natural resource management and strategies that balance conservation and sustainability. We focus on restoration, preservation, and sustenance in alternative energies, clean water, clean air, natural habitats, and green spaces.

Health & Wellness

We award organizations who focus on prevention and elimination of disease and illness; that are dedicated to the holistic wellness of the communities they serve; that proactively seek to overcome physical, social, and emotional disorders which encumber society; and that provide superb care throughout.

Human Services

We value programs and projects that are dedicated to improving essential human life needs, specifically for those who are least able to help themselves, who need protection and provision beyond their current capacity.

Human Rights

We support advocacy, protection efforts, and educational opportunities which focus on the full range of human rights nationally and abroad. We support organizations which address the most vulnerable issues in trafficking, torture, gender-based violence, asylum, and immigration. We focus on economic, cultural, and social issues, as well as civil and political rights.

Hunger & Shelter

Food and shelter are two primal needs in life, yet our world’s population struggles to find both. We support programs that provide solutions to the eradication of hunger and homelessness; that focus on sustainability of access to food, shelter, clothing, and medical supplies. Priority is given to projects that meet the most basic needs of those with the fewest resources.

Women & Children

Women & children continue to be among the most vulnerable of populations in society. We grant to organizations that protect and empower women and children, and provide access to meet their physical, emotional, educational, professional and health-related needs.