Our Partners

Impact Giving does not have members; it has Partners.

We partner together in donating our time and money to make a greater impact.

“I love the concept of collective giving! My one thousand dollars is multiplied by all the other Partners contributions so that together we can collectively grant thousands of dollars which I could never do alone.”
– Carroll D.
In addition to the benefit of collective giving to create a greater financial impact with an annual $1250 or $105 monthly donation, an Impact Giving Partner is able to:
  • Sponsor her favorite nonprofit organizations to be considered for an Impact Giving Grant.
  • Serve on a Grant Committee to review and select grant finalists.
  • Serve on our Operational Committees that keep our organization running smoothly.
  • Attend our Impact Intros to learn who we are and where we give, plus meet other Impact Giving Partners and introduce potential new Partners to our organization.
  • Gain exposure to new and upcoming nonprofits.
  • Go through Impact Giving Grant Training to become educated on selecting and awarding money to high impact nonprofit organizations.
  • Participate in “Get to know your Grant Recipients” volunteer opportunities with our current year grant recipients.


Thresa Allen
Judith Anderson
Amanda Balkiz
Patricia Barnes
Kristen Bell
Coleen Bentley
Karen Bohan
Barbara Bowman
Kirstin Buckland
Mari Bukofsky
Rachel Burch
Cassandra Burini
Cathrine Castaldi
Gina Chironis
Maria Chowyee
Vivian Clecak
Stephanie Cline
Mia Costa
Darci Crawford
Marie Crosson
Ann Cutner Firestone
Mary Dawe
Sam Dawson
Susan DeGrassi
Betsy Denham
Melissa  Dimayuga
Patricia Doyle
Ann Duncan Levy
Maya Dunne
Tamara Farrar
Jan Felberg
Ines Franklin
Maria Inez Fraser

Karin Garde
Cindy Gibbons
Loreen Gilbert
Susan Giusto
Anne Glass
Patricia Goethals
Janet Grattan
Michelle Greenwood
Alison Gregg
Deana Gullo
Judy Hall
Valerie Hardman
Stephanie Hayman
Ann-Eve Hazen
Edythe Heus
Janice Hobbs
Maria Hoffman
Rebecca Hoffman
Pamela Horowitz
Jeanne Isaacs
Karen Jaffe
Trudy Joyce
Janet Kane
Dana Kovach
Colleen Kroha
Vickie Lamb
Deborah Larsen
Victoria Larson
Amy Larson
Pat Leftwich
Jennifer Lipinski
Nan Luke
Karen Marchak

Dawn Martin Harp
Susan  Marx
Kathy McCarrell
Francine Meza
Nancy Milby
Katie Milette
Susan Milette
Lynette  Miller
Patti Minassian
Virginia Morse
Stacia Morton
Cathy Mungon
Gina Nixon
Yoshiko O’Connor
Barbara OBrian
Gail Ochs
Carol Olson
Randi Outwater
Ann Owen
Diane M. Parks
Ellen Pickler Harris
Robin Pierson
Kelly Poole
Donna Potiker
Barbara Prior
Sonja Radach
Karen Rager
Elizabeth B Ray
Ilana Rosenberg
Rebecca Roy
Vanessa  Ryan
Susan Ryder
Marilyn Salinas

Pamela Sauter
Giovanna  (JoAnn) Shernoff
Tamara Sicard
Jasana  Singer
Carrie Smart
Carole Smith
Laura Smith
Leslie Smith
Sharon Spooler
Leslie Stewart
Maribel Swanson
Lu Ann Talley
Laura Tarbox
Kristin Thomas
Anh Tran
Sarah Vanderveen
Margie Wakeham
Cathy Warner
Leslie Weaver
Linda Wei
Patricia Weier
Sonya Westerman
Mary Williams
JoAnne Williams
Kathy Willman
Karen Wilson
Jani Wilson
Christina Winstead
Beth Wolfe
Mary Lou  Yoch
Becky Younger
Eileen Zraick


Impact Giving Partners were asked for permission to post their names. For questions or removal of your name please contact karen@impactgivingnow.org.