Board Info

As a Partner, are you curious about the leadership of Impact Giving? Do you wonder if you have the qualifications to serve on our Board?

We as a Board wonder if you would like to be considered for leadership!

Which of the following is true about our Board?

We are all Partners who first volunteered our time on either grant committees or operational committees. This is generally where we find leadership qualities in our Partners.

The commitment to our Board is a two-year commitment (or longer if you like).

We meet every month for two hours.

We focus on high-level strategy.

We take time for operational challenges.

We pay to play: each Board member commits an extra $1,000 annually above and beyond our annual Partnership dues. We have skin in the game!

We have fun, and we learn from each other.

We are always on the lookout for new leadership.

If you marked YES to each of these statements, you’re right!

And if you’d like to talk to us about our Board, please email me at Karen@ImpactGivingNow.org. I’d love to talk to you!

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