Experience the Impact!

Impact Giving is similar to most women’s collective giving groups in that we pool our giving funds to Make An Impact.

But Impact Giving is unique in one way – so different from other giving groups that it truly makes an impact in our own lives: We offer the opportunity for you and your friends to EXPERIENCE THE IMPACT! Up close and personal, each year we get the opportunity to join with our recipients face to face and learn how our dollars are impacting the people they serve. And what an impact it is making on us!

I recently attended this Fall’s first “Experience The Impact” for Monkey Business Café, a grant sponsored by Partner Trudy Joyce, and presented in her home. Monkey Business Café’s staff catered a lovely reception, and as we ate together on the patio, several of them shared how this social enterprise serving the emancipated youth of the foster system changed their own lives. Jesse, who had failed more than 4 foster homes as a teenager, came to Hart Community Home for teen boys, and Monkey Business Café changed his life. He felt the love and care of the staff while he learned real job skills that could provide an income for a healthy life. Today he is a manager of the staff at the café, and happily married with a new child.

Here’s my quick take-away: the heart of Impact Giving was so evident all evening; the Partners were warm, welcoming, inclusive, and very glad to see each other; they brought friends and introduced Impact Giving with great pride; the Partners are also eager to participate in our grant process again this time.

Our Partner volunteers who coordinate all the “Experience the Impact” events (Mary Broude and Amy Larson) put together a lovely, passionate program – from the enthusiastic welcome by Mary, to Trudy’s story of WHY she is involved, to the heart-rending stories of the staff at Monkey Business, all the way through to the many questions — the enthusiastic engagement of the whole crowd of almost 30 was truly contagious.

I couldn’t say adequate thanks — too many others were saying the same thing as they hugged and chatted. I left with great joy, pride, and commitment to doing the best I can do for this wonderful organization – and I hope I can make it to the other upcoming 7 “Experience the Impact” opportunities. Click here for ETI’s calendar of events.

Thank you all for working so diligently and passionately to support the unique experience of Impact Giving!

Karen Wilson

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