Notes of Thanks from Our Grant Recipients

In the months following this year’s grant awards dinner, we’ve received several thank you letters from grant recipients sharing with us the important work they’ve been able to do across the globe as a result of the grant they received from Impact Giving. We love receiving these letters –hearing how our grant money is put in action and seeing how it’s helping men, women and children in need. It is the reason we do what we do!

Here are excerpts from some of the letters we’ve received:

“We are so grateful to Impact Giving, your Board of Directors and your Partners for the very generous donation of $36,000 in support of Pre-Planning and Phase 1 of the Orange County Women’s Center, which will allow WISEPlace to triple our impact on the lives of unaccompanied homeless women. We look forward to updating you on the progress of this exciting and important project.” – Kathleen Davis Bowman, Executive Director, WISEPlace

“We wanted to thank you for your donation in the amount of $25,000 to We’ve Got Your Back. Your support will go directly to providing nutritional assistance and additional resources to the most vulnerable families in our local community. Because of your support, students like Jasmine and her family have the support they need! Jasmine is a graduate of the We’ve Got Your Back program, and is now a President’s Scholar at Cal State Fullerton.” – Giving Children Hope

“We are so very honored and thankful to all of the partners at Impact Giving for the generous support of $23,000 to make possible the water system in the community of Hermosillo, and water filters for an additional five communities. This is one of the largest and most complicated water systems we have ever built, but the end result of water flowing to nearly 100 homes and a community that is able to maintain and repair its own system brings much joy and hope.” – John Straw, Executive Director, Concern America

“Thank you for investing in the mission of WHW! Impact Giving’s contribution of $4,651.50 allows us to provide critical support services to the unemployed and underemployed in our community. Because WHW does not receive government support, your commitment provides our Employment Readiness Programs to single parents, foster youth, Veterans and people just like you who have found themselves without a good job.” – Janie Wolicki Best, Chief Executive Officer, WHW

“Because of your support we have expanded our reach, adding 10 new partnerships in the last year and are continuing to test durability and longevity of our products using our in-house humanitarian wheelchair test track, the first of its kind. To date, Free Wheelchair Mission has provided the gift of mobility to 1,055,842 individuals in 93 countries. We could not have done all of this without you.” – Nuka Solomon, Executive Director, Free Wheelchair Mission

“Thank you for the generous gift of $4,651.50. Investments like this help to erase hunger and loneliness for at-risk seniors like Marta. Marta struggles with multiple health problems and can meet her nutritional needs with the food she receives from our program.” – Holly Hagler, President & CEO, Senior Serv

“We are so glad to have you as one of our partners in our continuing efforts to provide programs that inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold! Thank you so much! What a fabulous, unexpected gift!” – Lucy Santana, Chief Executive Officer, Girls Inc.

“Our board, case managers, volunteers, staff and most importantly, our clients – join me in thanking you for your generous partnership and support. For someone, you stopped hunger. For someone, you stopped homelessness. And… we can’t thank you enough.” – Lära Fisher, President & CEO, South County Outreach

Thank you to our Partners, supporters and friends for helping make a difference for these and many other non-profit organizations. You can read more about the 2018 grant recipients here.