Partner Spotlight: Jennifer Grzeskowiak

At Impact Giving, we love our Partners! Not only do they create a greater financial impact through an annual or monthly donation, many of our Partners also donate their personal resources, creativity, skills and time to help strengthen and grow our organization.

We sat down with Partner Jennifer Grzeskowiak to learn more about what draws her to Impact Giving and the inspiration behind her passion for serving the community.

Q:        Would you like to share a little about your personal life with us?

My husband and I met in college and have two young boys. Before having kids, I worked as an editor and writer for publishing companies and also became a certified yoga instructor. I’m now focused on volunteering for nonprofits and am the PTA president at my oldest son’s elementary school. I believe it’s crucial to give all students access to arts education, after school activities, reading encouragement and other extracurriculars that they might not otherwise have.

Q:        How long have you been an Impact Giving Partner?

I joined Impact Giving at the 2017 Grants Season Kickoff event. This year I served on the Grant Committee, the Awards Event Committee and am currently a Mentor for new Partners.

Q:        What drew you to Impact Giving?

I had supported the nonprofit With My Own 2 Hands for a few years and knew that they had applied for a grant through Impact Giving. When I researched the organization, I loved the idea of becoming more connected to the nonprofit community. I wanted to learn about organizations that I could support and how to evaluate them.

Q:        Do you have a favorite charity or cause?

I give to With My Own 2 Hands in whatever way I can. Their mission is to provide water and agriculture to schools and orphanages in Kenya. I see firsthand how students in our community have access to amazing public schools. I can’t imagine my children missing part of a school day to walk miles for water or the girls in their classes having to leave school to be married off at a young age. I sponsored their grant this past year and was ecstatic when they received funding for four greenhouses that will provide better nutrition for students and additional revenue for scholarships.

During my site visits last year, I was impressed by the passion and talent of the administrators at Girls Inc and Team IMPACT. My family also is happy to support Homeboy Industries and Westcoast Sports Associates.

Q:        What makes Impact Giving special?

For me, the best part of Impact Giving has been working with women with similar values who I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise. There are days when I feel like I have to stop reading the news because it’s too overwhelming. But after each site visit I did last year and after every grant committee meeting I attended, I came home energized. Our world needs more women empowering each other to be their best instead of criticizing and competing with each other.

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