Concern America works to promote self-reliance among materially poor people throughout the world in a socially just and sustainable manner. We weave together the lives of caring people so that the impoverished in our world have what they need to live a decent life.

Description of how the funds will be used:

In Central American countries, rural isolated underserved villages do not have any access to medical treatment for common illnesses. Concern America’s “Health Promoter Practitioners and Midwives” program trains local village students in core medical practices that directly improve village health. To date, Concern America impacts almost 200,000 people in over 400 villages. Impact Giving funds will support the medical training of 40 new Health Promoter Practitioners (HPPs), expanding care to 30 new villages with over 9,000 people without access to healthcare, plus the additional ongoing training of 400 advanced HPPs and Midwives.

Description of Project/Program, what makes it compelling, and the specific needs it will address:

The “Integrated Community Health Program” trains to the advanced health practitioner level, builds sanitation systems, and engages each entire village in education on sustainable health care. Common ailments among all villages include malaria, high blood pressure, parasites, wound care, pregnancy & birth complications, and other local ailments. This program helps the villagers help themselves with its unparalleled quality of instruction via US doctors and nurse practitioners, all serving on a volunteer basis. Overall education expands local health care services in the local native language, and additional instruction includes potable water systems, fuel-efficient smoke free cooking, and other applicable technologies.

Describe the Organization or Project as it pertains to the following Impact Giving Grant Standards: High Impact, Direct Benefit, Education, Sustainability, Community Building, Innovative, Measurable:

High impact is realized through the connection of 160,000 new participants in the program in 2014, where before there was no medical help for them, as well as continued improved health in villages where the program is already effective. Measurability is immediately realized by the statistics: 95% of patients in the program in all villages voiced extreme satisfaction in the quality of care with the program, and 100% said they will continue with this medical care program when needed. Both the trained medical practitioners and the residents of local villages receive direct benefit, the former in their training to deliver needed medical services, the latter in the immediate and lasting benefit they receive in direct quality medical help. In existence since 1972, Concern America has maintained a sustainable organization for over 40 years. The fact that the practitioners come from villages and return to their home villages supports this. The very nature of villagers being trained to return home and keep their villages healthy speaks loud and clear to the core of community building.

Organization’s overall annual budget: $1,348,640